You, Diabetes, and Your New Life


Diabetes is a metabolic disease where your body is incapable of producing any or enough insulin to regulate its blood glucose levels.  This disease is fairly common, and if you don’t suffer from it, then odds are you know someone who does.  Below are some helpful tips on managing your diabetes and ways to help reduce the negative side effects in addition to following your doctor’s orders.

The first suggestion to help combat your disease is to lose some weight.  Even though this is many times easier said than done, losing just 5% of your body weight can help with lowering your cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure.  You can do this by switching out your processed foods for natural foods and being aware of the choices you are making.  Eat more of whole grains, fruits, veggies, high-quality proteins and fats.  Eat less of fast foods, foods that contain refined sugars, low-fat products that contain more sugar and processed meats from animals fed antibiotics and growth hormones.

Next, a steady exercise routine will help you to maintain your weight, lower your stress level and help your body improve its insulin sensitivity.  We aren’t saying that you have to start weight lifting and sprinting, but if you can commit yourself to a regular and moderately intense workout regimen, then you will be much better off.  If you suffer from joint pain, try swimming which is a wonderful way to work out and also relieve the joint pressure you may be experiencing.  Riding a bike, kayaking, yoga or any other low impact exercise can also be very beneficial to your health.

Visiting your doctors for routine exams is also strongly suggested.    Get an annual physical including an eye exam and don’t forget to see your dentist.  People with diabetes are more likely to have health complications and although an infection is never good news for anyone, for a diabetic it is especially bad.

Although these suggestions may seem like common knowledge to most, sometimes it is good to be reminded of everyday things we may tend to ignore or overlook.  Just because you are feeling good at the moment doesn’t mean that your health can’t decline quickly.  Always remember maintenance is much easier than it is to recover and at Pawleys Island Compounding Pharmacy we are here to help provide any assistance possible to help you get on track and stay.