Why Compound Prescriptions for Seniors?

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When it comes to treating the elderly there are many things to consider. Their overall health and what medications are they currently taking are major factors in how they should be treated. A younger individual may be able to be treated traditionally while a geriatric patient would require a more delicate and complex approach. Questions such as, “Do any of their current medications have negative side effects that could potentially cause more harm than good ?” should be asked. A compounding pharmacy can be extremely helpful in alleviating some of your worries, as it can be very stressful when trying to care for an elderly parent or loved one.

When we age, new health ailments seem to arise along with new prescriptions to treat those problems. Before you know it you or someone you love has countless prescriptions and it can become very overwhelming to maintain a regiment. At Pawleys Island Compounding Pharmacy we have the ability to combine certain medications for your convenience. Taking five pills in the morning instead of ten is much simpler. Also, it greatly lowers the chances of one being missed or forgotten.

Another benefit of using a compounding pharmacy is that the consistency and delivery of a medication can be customized to a patient’s needs. It may be very difficult for an elderly person to swallow pills. In this case our pharmacist, Lewis Waldrep, can transform that medication into a liquid instead. Maybe your elder parents are prescribed a pain medication that affects their stomach. One possible solution would be to create a topical form of that same medicine for the area in need of relief.

Although these are just a few ways we can help improve yours or your loved one’s quality of life, there are countless treatment options and customizations that we can provide. Our number one priority is treating everyone as an individual and taking the time to listen carefully to their situation. Attention to detail along with the desire to provide our customers with our undivided attention is truly what sets us apart from the rest.