Top 10 Reasons To Wash Your Hands

washing hands

At times we all can become lazy and complacent, but one thing you should never neglect is washing your hands. One of the most common ways to spread germs in the form of bacteria and infections is not washing your dirty hands and then coming into contact with someone or something else. Below are the top 10 situations when you should be sure to wash your hands.

1. After going to the bathroom.

2. Before you eat.

3. Before and after preparing food.

4. After handling money.

5. After coughing, sneezing, or blowing your nose.

6. After touching animals.

7. After coming into contact with sick people.

8. Before and after a gathering where you will be shaking a lot of hands.

9. Wash after being in any public place such as a subway, park, school, or even a library.

10. If you get a cut or a laceration on your hand be sure to wash, disinfect, and bandage the area immediately.

By simply taking the extra few minutes to wash your hands, you can avoid illness and infections ranging from the common cold or flu to a MRSA infection in the blood stream. Carry hand sanitizer around with you for those times when you aren’t able to access soap and water. Also, if you have children be sure to pass along this good habit to them. Follow these simple guidelines for a happy and healthy holiday season this year!