Let’s Focus On Wellness

Diagram of wellbeing

Our health is the most important and most coveted thing we posses in life.  Without it we are limited to how we live and sometimes even how long we live.  Those suffering from an incurable disease know the severity of being limited due to their health all to well.  As family and friends to our loved ones we can only be there for them as they endure the decline of their health.  Below are some helpful suggestions on how to communicate and comfort your loved one in a time of suffering and despair.

Depending on the situation you as the caretaker along with your loved one may be experiencing an array of emotions including fear and denial.  The best way to deal with these emotions is to communicate how you are feeling to one another and to try and work through them together.  This will not only allow you to become closer by feeling more secure it will help you to be able to start focusing more on the present and enjoying your time together.

Finding comfort at times like this is imperative.  Try to to encourage your loved one to express their feelings in the form of a journal.  Whether they choose to traditionally write everything down or make video journal, it is important that they let their feelings out however that may be.   Another great way to find comfort is through a support group.  Although your loved one may be hesitant at first, a support group can help give them some peace of mind knowing they are not the only ones going through this situation.

Focusing on positive things and on the present is essential.  A way to do this is to engage in activities that have meaning for both you and your loved one.  You may have to base your activity off of their limitations but if possible you might be able to check some activities off of their bucket list.

Lastly, make sure both you and your loved one are informed.  Being well versed about the disease you are dealing with and all of its effects is essential to being able to cope in the best way possible. Obtaining as much knowledge as possible can help you and your loved one avoid any surprises that may occur down the road.  Dealing with a serious illness is not ideal for anyone but having the necessary tools can help you get through these